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Artistic Mental Health Coordinator

I'm an Artistic Mental Health Coordinator trained through the Association of Mental Health Coordinators* and I  would love to support you, your productions, and your organizations in cultivating the competencies of care - both self-care and collective care - required to most effectively create in community. 

What can that support look like?

In Production

  • Consulting with directors on ethical and effective portrayals of mental health challenges, considering effects on audiences, performer health and safety, and (of course) artistic output.

  • Offering actors and crew members immediate, actionable tools for self-regulation.

  • Supporting productions in sourcing and developing resources at every level for performers engaging with difficult content, from container practices in rehearsal spaces to locating local options for professional support.

  • Acting as a care concierge for performers and crew members, supporting them in identifying and addressing their needs, whether those needs are remembering existing coping strategies, developing new container practices to support them in separating themselves from their characters, or brainstorming ways to approach a challenging conversation and advocate for their needs. 

  • Consulting on the creation of audience-facing materials, from content disclosures to more in-depth dramaturgical or supportive resources.

In Organizations

  • Consulting on policies and procedures to support the health and wellness of all contractors and employees, from developing transparent concern resolution pathways to creating community resource guides specific to your community and context.

  • Conducting risk assessments of possible production material and offering feedback on steps for safer and more conscious production strategies. 

  • Skillbuilding conflict competence and strategies for effective personal and community care across employees.

In Schools and Artistic Training Spaces

​All of the above, plus:

  • Teaching workshops to support developing artists in 
    growing their capacity for mental health hygiene and 
    community care, including:

    • "We Can Do Hard Theatre: Discomfort, 
      Boundaries, and Self-Regulation for the 
      Creative Artist"

      This two-hour workshop explores why educational
      spaces read, program, and produce "hard theatre" (here, works that engage with narratives of trauma) and offers students tools for engaging this content. The workshop includes an exploration of academic theories of trauma in performance along with practical tools for regulation and support.​

    • Mental Health Hygiene for the Actor
      This 60-90 minute workshop works with actors to build toolkits for care, exploring in-production tools (container practices for separating actor and character, tools for consent and care in creative spaces) as well as personal strategies for immediate coping and longer-term strategies for sustainable stress management. Participants leave with a sheet of customized support strategies they create throughout the workshop.



* Certification pending completion of 30 mentored capstone hours. Legend says my pricing is particularly flexible if your project is working towards meeting this time commitment!

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