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Teaching a Theatrical Intimacy Education workshop at Western Kentucky University.

Theatrical Intimacy Specialist, Dramaturg, Teaching Artist, 
and more!

I love directing and acting, but I also love supporting the directors and actors of today and tomorrow. Contact me for an up-to-date resume covering these areas!

Theatrical Intimacy Choreographer/Educator

I'm a theatrical intimacy educator, consultant, and choreographer with over 100 hours of TIE training. I use a consent-based process to help productions tell intimate stories in a way that supports the story and honors both actors' boundaries and the director's vision. If you have a process that could use that kind of support coming up in the next year, I'd love to have a conversation with you!

Dramaturg: Summer of Drag, Kansas Repertory Theatre

Marcia Epstein's podcast, "Talk with Me," on which I appeared with a cast member to promote the summer season!

A dramaturgical video I created for La Cage aux Folles as a complement to the material on the season's dramaturgical website.


Dramaturg: Company, The University of Kansas

I served primarily as a production dramaturg for Company, meaning my contributions took place primarily in the rehearsal room. Audience members didn't have access to the dramaturgical website I put together for the production's use, but they did get to read my program note!