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  • CV (updated 3/23/23)

My research interests include queer and feminist theatre (particularly musical theatre) and acting and directing pedagogy. I'm excited by the reciprocal relationship between theatrical theory and practice and work to make both my classrooms and rehearsal studios spaces where what we know, what we feel, and what we do are meaningfully and fruitfully connected. Theatre has the ability to connect communities, to amplify and empower unheard voices, and to reflect sociopolitical realities. My research, practice, and pedagogy are all aimed towards equipping theatre artists to harness theatre's powers for good (including emphasizing the development of transferrable skills).

I hold a BFA in Performing Arts (Acting and Directing) from Western Kentucky University, an MA in Theatre Arts from the University of Oregon, and a PhD in Theatre Studies from the University of Kansas. My MA thesis, "Roots in the Earth and a Flag in my Hand: Rural Gender Identity in American Musical Theatre," is available
here; feel free to contact me for a copy of my dissertation, "'The World Should Not Forsake You': Young Queer People of Faith in Contemporary Musical Theatre." I am currently on the job market and, in addition to seeking a tenure-track position in a University theatre department, would love to chat with you about guest directing, intimacy choreographing, or offering supplemental instruction at your institution!

If you're visiting this page in search of the materials for the PAR project I shared at ATHE, those materials are here. The materials for the process drama assignment I shared at MATC 2020 are available here. Both may be used with attribution - feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 

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Musical Theatre Devising Course

In this course, students devised, wrote, rehearsed, and performed a one act musical in three weeks!

You can click here to view the Facebook Live video of the event one of the students recorded!

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