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Content Disclosures

The pieces of theatre we read in class represent broad swaths of the human experiences, and both some of those human experiences and their representations can be challenging to sit with. While wrangling with difficult content is part of our job as theatre artists, I also want to make sure you have the information to ensure that you are able to engage not engage materials in the course with appropriate care. That might look like having a self-care plan in place for after reading content you suspect will be particularly challenging, making a plan to give yourself extra time to process material, or choosing to skip over portions of a script that won't work for your boundaries. As always, I encourage you to embrace the productive discomfort of art while also remembering that your boundaries are perfect exactly where they are.

Below you'll find a general synopsis for each show in the semester with some general content disclosures. If you need more specifics, the drop-down menus lead to detailed explanations of the ways the content operates and the script an (if applicable) skip from/skip to points if reading that content doesn't work for you. If you ever need more information to make an informed decision, please reach out! 

Things I warn for:

If you'd like me to include content disclosures for anything not on this list, just ask - no matter what it is, I don't need to know why it's useful for that content to be disclosed, I'm happy to go back and include it. 


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