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The Last Five Years


The Last Five Years is a well-known contemporary musical by Jason Robert Brown. In spite of a queer narrative structure, its content is resolutely heterosexual, highlighting the challenges of a five-year marriage in some deeply gendered ways. This project places Cathy and Jaime's marriage shortly after the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court ruling to explore this canonical musical of emotion and ambition through a queer lens.


A central conceit of our original workshop production was eschewing the performance convention of having Cathy and Jamie alone onstage throughout and, instead, placing them in context in a world with both other people and each other. (For more information about the production and the questions and concepts guiding it, visit the resources linked on this page!) It is somewhat ironic, then, to adapt our experiment in a time of social distancing.

Below you will find a partial digital archive of Cathy and Jamie's relationship: video calls, social media posts, and - a holdover from our intended scene shifts in production - voicemails. View and listen in show order or, if you like, chronological. (In that case, each voicemail goes with the song that follows.)


Director, Video & Images


Stage Manager, Elise


Music Director, Dramaturg

Asst. Director, Sound

Special thanks to the designers and ensemble members who were not able to join us in our digitized form (Petricia Hall, Matthew O’Brien, Maggie Puderbaugh, Jakob Reitz, and Kayleigh Shaffer)

Lusie Cuskey

Ella Galbraith

Gabrielle Smith

Mary Spencer
Kalen Stockton

TL5Y 1: Voicemail

TL5Y 2: "Still Hurting"


TL5Y 3: Voicemail

TL5Y 4: "Shiksa Goddess"

TL5Y 5: Voicemail

TL5Y 6: "See I'm Smiling"


TL5Y 7: Voicemail

TL5Y 8: "Moving Too Fast"

Final element get it done.png

TL5Y 9: Voicemail

TL5Y 10: "I'm A Part of That"

Mama She Makes Things.png

TL5Y 11: Voicemail

TL5Y 12: "The Schmuel Song"

TL5Y 13: Voicemail

TL5Y 14: "A Summer in Ohio"

TL5Y 15: Voicemail

TL5Y 16: "The Next Ten Minutes"


TL5Y 17: Voicemail

TL5Y 18: "A Miracle Would Happen"

Marriage Tweet.png

TL5Y 19: Voicemail

TL5Y 20: "Climbing Uphill"

TL5Y 20.png

TL5Y 21: Voicemail

TL5Y 22: "If I Didn't Believe In You"

TL5Y 23: "I Can Do Better Than That"


TL5Y 24: Voicemail

TL5Y 25: "Nobody Needs To Know 


TL5Y 26: Voicemail

TL5Y 27: "Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You"

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