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Digital Portfolio

Welcome! If you have access to this page, you have requested a digital portfolio. This website serves as a portfolio in its entirety; the buttons above allow for navigation to more information and evidence about my processes and experiences as an artist-scholar. This page, however, offers some essential resources about my work as an educator and director, as well as copyrighted or otherwise proprietary materials I don't share on the publicly linked areas of my site. 

Academic Materials

Directing Materials

  • A Man of No Importance directing proposal. This proposal outlines my initial approach to the production of A Man of No Importance I directed at the University of Kansas. A video of an early sequence in the production is available here: (Full design and performer credits are available in the directing area of the site.)

  • Spring Awakening clip. I served as the assistant director and fight captain for the production; this is a scene I directed in its entirety.

  • For additional images of my directing work, select the "director" tab above!

I am happy to provide additional materials or contact information for actors, stage managers, and technicians with whom I have collaborated upon request.

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